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The photo booth makes a party fun. Choose between a Studio Booth or a Classic Booth and watch your event come alive with instant prints.

For companies, a photo booth with social integration can drive traffic and attention to your business. We have the ability to upload images directly to a Facebook page, present a slideshow of images on the spot and e-send photographs to your guests with your personal message in the body of the email.

Anastasia Tantaros

Founder, Side A Photography




The Studio Booth is a sophisticated photo booth with a live, energetic, personable photographer taking the photographs. It includes a backdrop, studio lights, props and unlimited instant prints.

We use professional equipment and a skilled photographer to produce the highest quality images possible. The studio booth adds character and visual interest to your event and your guests are guaranteed to have a blast. Not only that, our design team can customize a backdrop that matches the color of your wedding, theme of your party or sponsors of your corporate event. Tell us more and we’ll send you a complimentary backdrop proof.



The Classic Booth is a self-automated photo booth that can be enclosed or open air. Your guests start the photo session at their leisure by tapping the touchscreen and will enjoy seeing themselves in the monitor as the clock counts down to their photo captures.

The Classic Booth prints a set of two photo strips in a rapid speed of 8 seconds. Print attendant and props are included. Additionally, we can customize the design of your print with an event name, date and logo.



Studio Booth with Prints $850

  • Professional photographer for 3 hrs
  • Studio lights and stock backdrop
  • Unlimited 4X6 prints
  • Print kiosk attendant
  • Fun props
  • Online, downloadable image gallery
  • Basic print design (text / logo placement) included
  • Additional hours $150




Classic Photo Booth with Prints $750

  • Photo Booth for 3 hours
  • Two photos per session, sized 2X6 or 4X6
  • Print kiosk attendant
  • Fun props
  • Online image download for guests
  • Print design (text / logo placement) included
  • Additional hours $150



Our photo booths come with one of our stock backdrops and we can always use a wall or area at your venue as the backdrop.

If you’d like to make your photo booth stand out and work with a theme, talk to us about your event and we’ll send you a complimentary backdrop proof.  Examples of this may be a colorful floral backdrop for a wedding, snow-themed backdrops for a holiday banquet or a step and repeat backdrop of sponsor logos for a corporate event.

If you have an idea but not sure how to execute it, talk to us.  We are a team of artists and often make or supply the perfect props to bring the idea to life.


Superhero  BTS_PayPalBooth-1
Examples Above:  Superhero theme, PayPal logo backdrop

SkiApres-161 Ravens2
Examples Above: 80’s Ski Apres’ theme, Ravens theme

HighTide_All_LR-172   UnderSea-8   11792035_669526356515471_1663695032325936616_o
Examples Above: Old Line Society Sponsor backdrop, Under The Sea theme, 60’s theme









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